Missionary Support

St Mary's and Mission


St Mary's tries to be an outward looking church, caring for the community locally and further afield in a needy world.


Members of St Mary's have developed links with many different Christian Societies over the years which seek to share the love and the message of Jesus through their work. Some are in this country such as Framework, with its work for the homeless in Nottingham city and county. The Children's Society is also a favourite of many, and they show their support by collecting small change in a box throughout the year. Both these societies receive support from the general congregation too at various Christmas Carol Services.

The other local society which receives regular support is the Diocesan one for Adoption and Care called Family Care

However, as the UK is among the richer countries in the world St. Mary's supports a number of missionary societies that bring Jesus' love to the wider world in need. Individual church members support African Pastors Association (APF), The Leprosy Mission, Gideons International and Church Mission Society (CMS) among others. One of our congregation has been closely and personally involved in the development and building of Halcyon school in Uganda following the visit of a church group there in 1994. The ongoing support for this project is also provided from direct giving by members of St. Mary's. Over a number of years we have realised that supporting too many societies can spread the efforts and contribution to our Missionary work too thinly and therefore, since January 2011, the PCC has agreed that a maximum of four societies should be the main focus of our support at the present time. Family Care was mentioned above as one based in UK whilst the others all serve across the world:


For further information about their vital and lively work, please click on their individual logo

Giving to mission policy

This year the PCC has agreed to send 5% of its income from regular giving to the above four societies.
There are also other occasional events at which money is raised and shared between these Societies such as: Our giant Christmas Card, Lent soup lunches and collections in a Lent box. Other initiatives are always welcome. If you would like more detail about giving, how money is raised for Mission or have an idea for our Missionary events please contact Margaret Panter (0115 854 7143)

A small group of church members, representing our Missionary societies, meet as often as necessary to plan and pray for our nominated Missions.


New members are always welcome.